October 2009
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October 18, 2009

How Giraffes and Camels taught me to carry another book to the zoo, part 1.

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      Here’s a few pages from the last trip to the zoo.  In case you can’t tell, we hit the camels and giraffes.  I hardly ever head in the direction of the giraffes, which I think will change on future zoo trips..They’re just a blast to sketch, with that awesome, graceful gestural swoop they have.  While I’m happy with how the head turned out in the sketch, I was a bit confused and had trouble with the way their lips worked in relation to their skull while sketching them.  That said, I headed home, took out the trusty Goldfinger Animal Anatomy for Artists book (that’s right, he has an animal anatomy book, too) and did a quick skull study.


     I’m going to have to do the same with those damn camels.  I always love sketching them, because of those exaggerated, full-of-character features they have, but they’re a pain for the exact same reason;  Exaggerated, charactertured features.  Let this be a lesson, all…  Anatomy studies are not just for the human figure.  I’ll be posting a few animal anatomy studies I’m doing (including the camel and giraffe) in the next few days, and I’ll be carting my anatomy book to the zoo from here on out;  It’s a valuable tool, and there’s no reason to leave it on the shelf.


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October 2, 2009

He just wants a friend. And maybe pants.

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If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, this is it;  painting pantless mutants with semi-automatic rifles.  This fellow is actually for a project I’m currently working on involving mutants, oppressive regimes, hyper-intelligent self-aware robots and  rail guns.  It’s been alot of fun working on this stuff, and I thought I’d share this guy in all his gribbly, sketched glory.

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