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April 6, 2010

The Face of Dr. Frankenstien’s Hubris.

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The face of a Frankenstien’s Monster redesign I’m working on, and the acompanying thumbnails.  The above-head will be going on something that looks akin to #14.  Further sketches on their way…

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September 20, 2009

Hurakan, God of Storms

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 (click the above terrible, low-res thumb for the hi-res imagine)

     For the first time in a long time, I’ll be participating in an art challenge.  The subject of this challenge?  You guessed it; design Hurakan, the Mayan diety of storms.  When I read over the challenge description on Jon Schindehette’s blog, a challenge that had the participant designing a deity that has (to my knowledge) never been depicted, I knew I had to give it a go.


     Outside of monsters, gods are my favorite subject matter to create.  When it comes to dieties, I like my designs to be one of two extremes; completely downplayed with a mild whimsical feel (Think Larry MacDougal) or completely over-the-top and fantastical (along the lines of Kekai’s Guild Wars deities.)  I opted for fantastical for this design, due to the fact I could cut loose and go wild with the silhouettes, the first step in this challenge.


I had a lot of fun with these, and I’m looking forward to the next step in this multi-part challenge.  Stay tuned here and over at ArtOrder for the progression of this design.




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June 15, 2008

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I happened across these forgotten-thumbnails of mine while sifting through some sketchbooks. They’re essentially the thought-process behind the Dune Walker insect on my main site. The idea was to design a large “beast of burden” bug that a society used specifically as a type of “armored transport” for goods. My first ideas revolved around large, bulky, beetle like bugs, who’s carapaces might be sculpted and crafted into little “turrets” to store grain and what have you.

This idea bounced around quite a bit before settling on the stilt-legged bug in the upper right-hand corner…Essentially a creature with highly specialized forelimbs that are fused together to form a carrying tray of sorts that it tucks against it’s body. The tail and lilliputian wings that are seen here and in the final design are clues to this creature’s evolutionary path from airborne dragonfly to silt-striding desert beast. I imagine these creatures are sexually dimorphic, with the males appearing much smaller and more dragonfly like. During mating season, the sails on the backs of the females would turn bright red, flushed with blood, and would signal to the much-smaller, airborne males that it’s reproduction time.

Here’s a link to the final design of the female. Enjoy. As for me, I’m off to design it’s flying male counterpart..


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December 26, 2007


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[ from post on 12.10.07 ]

After seeing The Mist, I wanted to do some gribbly, tenticled Lovecraftian Cthulhu monster. I’m going to bring the top right thumbnail to the finished design, methinks. 


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[ from post on 12.04.07 ]

Hey all,

Seeing as I haven’t posted anything in, well..ever…I figured I should get on the ball and start cranking some pieces out. This thread will hopefully be where I’ll toss those previously-mentioned pieces for my concept portfolio.

Here’s the first that I’m working on, a gladiatorial minotaur. Crits, comments, etc are extremely welcomed!

Here are the thumbnails, exploring a few ideas before settling down to the basic design of the largish one on the bottom left


Aaand the final concept


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