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December 19, 2009

God Speed, Screw-On Head.

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Ever since I saw Hellboy on a comic cover for the first time and thought “A giant stone fist..? AWESOME”, I’ve been a Mike Mignola fan.  That said, when I heard an Abraham Lincoln impersonator was going to be modeling at the Atelier for a costume drawing class, I had to go ahead and indulge myself and put together an Amazing Screw-On-Head piece.  The sketch has been projected, and the underpainting started.  I’ll be getting to color comps over the next few days, once I get to my final Christmas destination of Chicago.  For now though, I’m off to finish packing.  Have a great holiday all, and thanks for the Inspiration, Mike.

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  1. Very cool. I always loved the concept of sci-fi/”supers” being around back in the early days, especially if they’re part of some government organization or they had some impact on history that civilians know nothing about. I have to admit, while I have heard of Amazing Screw On Head, I never really read about it. I clicked on the link, and watched about 3 minutes of that episode, and it was goddam cool. I’m a Mignola fan myself, but I’ve barely read any of his stuff (does that make me a fan??). I plan on changing that.

    Comment by Dan Gray — December 22, 2009 @ 6:56 am
  2. Check out his stuff; Such great storytelling, great art, and awesome dry wit. Pick up The Chained Coffin TPB; It’s a bunch of Hellboy short stories that sort of fall outside of the timeline of the other books, so you won’t get the overall plot mixed up. It’s a great intro to the series.

    Comment by tb — December 23, 2009 @ 3:55 pm
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